Happy Sunday y’all!!!

From my last post it’s clear that I’m a romantic. Aren’t we all?

*clears throat*

Well it appears some aren’t. Oh well! I’m glad that I’m one 🙂


I have read this part of the Bible before, but there seemed to be something more about it that I thought to share. Enjoy!

“Listen then if you have ears” – Mark 4: 23

Mark shows that those who invest more of themselves by listening to the Word of God will receive blessings and graces in abundance. Those who listen halfheartedly to God’s word will lose the taste for listening to it. Worse still, a time will come when they will be unable to hear it even though it continues to speak to them in many and various ways, especially through the Sacred Scriptures.

The last sentence of the paragraph above sounds scary. Sometimes I’m afraid that I may have fallen into that category. As I share this, I know that I’m not there…yet but I have to work so much so that I don’t end up there.

There should be, even in the busiest day, a few moments when we can close our eyes and let God possess us. He is always present, always giving us life, always around us and in us, like the air we breathe. There should be moments at least when we become more conscious of his presence; when we become conscious of it as the only reality, the only thing that will last for ever.


Why have anniversaries clustered if it could be avoided?

Anniversaries should be one good day filled with happiness. A person should be able to look back on that day and have happy thoughts. In addition, if a person enjoyed that day so much, then he would want to have many more memorable days. At least that’s what I think.

I had a conversation with a friend sometime ago. His perception was that one should have all their anniversaries at one period. His reason being that couples tend to save more and remember anniversaries better.  This was his scenario:

January 4th – His birthday

February 14th – Wedding anniversary/ Valentine’s Day

September 23th – Wife’s birthday

Whenever I thought about his idea all that came to mind was ‘such a harsh perception’.

So here am I sharing my perception. If one celebrates all anniversaries at the beginning of the year, what happens to the other months of the year? Why do some couples fix their weddings on valentines’s day? Whatever happened to other days of the year? Does one have to think of his/her wedding day and remember it was on Valentine’s day? Why would one have his/her wedding fixed on the same day as their birthday? Why wouldn’t one want separate gifts for separate anniversaries?

So here is my scenario:

February 14th – Valentine’s Day

April 28th – My birthday

August 5th – Wedding anniversary

August 30th – Husband’s birthday

I wouldn’t want cliche if I could avoid it. Why have anniversaries clustered if it could be avoided? Of course there would be situations where one has more than one anniversary in a week but that should be one that couldn’t be avoided. I love looking forward to anniversaries. I love looking forward to the happy thoughts and smiling sheepishly at memories. I’m not saying that it’s only when anniversaries come that one should smile and celebrate, I’m just saying that anniversaries should be spaced out so that  joy and excitement can build up. Everyday should be a celebration of love and happiness but  where you have the opportunity of spacing out the anniversaries while don’t you embrace it?


I write again.

I’m not new to blogging but I thought to start afresh. I once wrote about personal stuff such as me, family and friends. I wasn’t sure that I could handle leaving a tiny blueprint of me on the internet. I deleted the blog permanently mostly because I didn’t know exactly what I had in mind for the blog. I thought to go on a long hiatus of blogging but I my hands kept itching to write or rather type, not just on any blog but my blog.

I do know what direction I want to go in writing.

Now I write again, to share my ideas, perception about life, food, culture, fashion, love, God, pictures, and many different kind of things.

I write again not just for people to comment, which was what I was after in my previous blog but to purge out what I think would help me and anybody out there willing to read.

I write again not because of any sort of pressure but for the fact that I receive pleasure… maybe satisfaction in writing.

I write again, because I can.