So Random

This isn’t a story, this happened to me today. Enjoy!

I have a test coming up on Tuesday and I have been finding it difficult to study. I chose to leave my room and roommates and go to class. Of course, I thought I left the distraction in the hostel but it seemed like I didn’t.

I sat near the window to study in class. I needed the air and a little distraction in order to read. I had just gone past a page when a guy walked past my window severally. He didn’t look familiar so I went back to my book. He finally gathered some courage and stopped infront of my window.

He told me that he didn’t know me but he knew I had been reading in the same class for many years. He had only just graduated and came to collect his National Youth Service call-up letter which would or rather should be distributed on Tuesday. He said that he wanted to thank me. For what? I couldn’t imagine what impact I may have made on a stranger but I thought to exercise patience and listen.

He told me that I was his motivation in his days of studying in school. He said he always saw me studying and spending many hours in class. There were times that he wanted to leave the class but he felt that he wasn’t entitled to leave before me since I came before him. He noticed many things about me like the fact that I’m too focused when I’m studying, the particular seats I sat in class, the fact that I always studied alone, what my rechargeable lamp looked like. He noticed many things though.

Anyway, he said that he graduated with a second class upper and got a good CGPA and working at a successful company in Abuja. His family was proud of him but he had always wanted to find me and thank me for “coming to class”, being his “motivator”, and his “beacon”( those were his words).

Why am I sharing this?

Just before I came to class, I was telling my roommate that I wanted to study indoors this semester. I told her that I was going to find a way to stop going out to read even if it meant waking up at nights to study. Apparently, I was tired of spending a minimum of one hour making pleasantries to friends and acquaintances before studying.

If anybody told me that I could motivate or be a catalyst to someone’s success I would have told that person that s/he was a big joker. I generally have a big problem with being conspicuous; I’ll rather be left by myself. So I found it difficult to believe that by being inconspicuous I could affect a person.

I may have influenced many other people; I may have influenced just him but I was/am happy that I influenced someone by being me.


A Rant about the Blackberry Messenger.

This wasn’t supposed to be a rant but it turned out as one. I want your ideas on this post. Enjoy!


Many of us are usually excited, especially when we get a blackberry for the first time. Sometimes we say that our contact list is boring, hence we want to add as many people as possible. Some tweet their blackberry PINs or put up their PINs on our Facebook status (I’m guilty of this one). Some of us want to have as many contacts as possible while some believe that being friends with someone is equivalent to  having their PINs. But is it? Have we at some point thought to ask ourselves these questions:

What is the point of having these many contacts?

Do/would we chat with these people at least once in two months (lemme not say one month)?

Do we feel the need to say hi to these people?

Do these people that have added us see the need to say hi?

I am sure that some people reading this are ready to say:

But we never know when we need a contact that we choose to delete today.

The point is that, there are some contacts we know we will never really need. This can be because we already have these people’s phone numbers; or we are friends on Facebook; or we are following each other on Twitter. These are already mediums through which we keep in touch. I shall use myself as a prototype: I deleted someone because I wanted to declutter my Blackberry Messenger (BBM). We were already following each other on Twitter and friends on Facebook (we were not chatting there either). From my point of view, deleting him from BBM did not make any difference.

We all change our display pictures at some point but do we really want everyone on our contact list to have access to our pictures that easily?

Definitely, I know someone out there is saying:

It’s not like we are hiding anything.

Seriously, is it everyone that should have our pictures?

Another one that occurs on the BBM is the frequent change of display pictures (DP). Some people change their display pictures as often as ten times a day. Whatever happened to being swamped with work? Or even “forming” busy? We already know that you have got many pictures of yourself (usually the same smile or pose).


Please don’t get me wrong. I am not expressing/implying that the Blackberry phone or the BBM is of the devil; or that it’s wrong to add friends; or get to be more acquainted with new people. I have a Blackberry too. I just feel that the BBM should consist of close friends (people you know that you talk to very often) and people (acquaintances) that turned out to be close friends. If you notice that  the supposed “friends” remained acquaintances then you or both of you could agree to continue your friendship over Twitter, Facebook or phone (numbers).

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what/how we want our BBM to be.

Finally, can we do this sometime; take this reality check:

Find out how many people actually and genuinely contact you in a month or want to know what’s happening in your life.

Some Navel Gazing

This is not a judgemental post. It’s just something I thought to share. Enjoy!

For many years, I prayed that God would make my parents extremely wealthy. I wanted to be able to ask them for whatever I wanted and get it. I wanted to be spoilt and pampered. I wanted to flaunt my (parent’s) wealth on my friends and everyone who cared to notice.

Well, God never answered my prayer. After sometime I realized that my prayer was a want and not a need. I finally figured that when I prayed, I wanted my will to be God’s will instead of the contrary. Selfish right? Well I didn’t see it that way. I thought money was everything.

Over the past twenty years, I’ve noticed that rich people usually fall into one these categories:

  • The parents are wealthy hence their children don’t see the need to believe in God and have a total reverence to Him.
  • The parents are wealthy and their children believe that by making good grades they are making their parents happy. They still forget that God gave their parents all that money and for that they should be grateful to Him.
  • The parents are wealthy and the children believe neither in God nor make good grades in school. They believe that their parents’ money will sort them out somehow.
  • The parents are busy making money and forget to look into the affairs of their children and usually leave it to the male/female maids or their relatives; who most times really don’t care about the needs of those children either except such need is to their advantage.

Maybe in some way I’m wrong. Maybe I should have given more examples. But if we take some time to think about this, there is an atom of truth.

My parents are far from extremely wealthy, they are not even the best parents, but God blessed them with enough money to take care of six children and some relatives. Is that enough for me? Of course it is and I’m eternally grateful. When I tell people that I don’t pray to be extremely rich they think I’m being too modest. But it’s the truth. I see friends say they want a big house, many cars, and separate bathrooms for themselves and their partners. I think it’s ridiculous. I just want money that is enough for myself and family. I don’t want money that would make my kids horrible or ungrateful. I just want enough that will make them beautiful both inward and outward.

All I want is to have the fortitude to accept God’s will as mine and some peace (contentment), wisdom and love. I think if we all have these things the world will be a better place.

Ashley Greene

So here is one of my hot lady friends Ashley Greene all hot and sexy in those skinny jeans. She also used a good color on her white skin – Red. We all know that skinnys don’t fit everyone but it totally fits her. For some it makes them look fat and bloated; some have the wrong legs for them and others can’t go wrong wearing one. Just like Ashley. See those long legs and shoes. She’s sashaying away like she owns the world.


One of the many things Mother taught me was to always walk gracefully and mask confidence. She says that it’s one of the important things  that make up a woman. She also taught me not to carry my problems on my face but take time to dress and makeup properly especially during those times.


Words Of An Aries

I’ll teach you the way of greatness but you must build your own path
I’ll tell you the words of the wise but you draw your own morals
I hope to instil in you a great sense of perseverance and tolerance
But you must know the time to put your hands up for a fight
You can learn a thing or two from me but you must not be me
For life tarries not with yesterday
You will learn to read, and read, and read
Learn from all men too but you must sift through all that you hear
I can give you ideas but you must build your own dreams
Advise you on the necessity for goals but none I impose on you
For you are my child but your own person
I keep you in my house but not for too long
For if it’s just a hut…

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I hope to post anything and everything that I feel is worth sharing.

I’m finally in the spirit of working on my final year project and during my research/writing, Natasha Bedingfield’s Soulmate  started playing on my phone. It’s got such amazing lyrics. You can find it here.

Who doesn’t long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I’m on my own
If there’s a soulmate for everyone

At some point in our lives, we all want someone to hold us without being told or someone to say hi to us without us starting the conversation. And of course someone wants the same from us.