Female, celebrities and responsibility

I just saw a post onOmg! website that 36 year old Charlize Theron has adopted a child. For some reason I was thrilled. I kept saying inwardly ‘this is what I’m talking about’. There are many Hollywood women who have adopted kid(s) with/without their biological children such as Angelina Jolie and Madonna. These women have (for lack of a better word) advertised adoption in Hollywood.

So I’m gonna share my perception here. You may or may not agree with what I’m about to write but that is why it’s my perception. You can share yours in the comment box.

Charlize Theron says that she isn’t sure that marriage is on her list but being a mom has been and she has gone out of her way to be one.  In my opinion, I think Hollywood or young, wealthy, single women, who have not found their partner or husband should consider adopting a child. There are many kids out there who are looking for love and affection from not-for-long strangers. If these women can take care of their selves comfortably then, they could be doing at least one orphan or less privileged a huge favour by adopting them.

There are women out there like Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and many others who should have been married or in serious relationships. They may not be able to find a partner yet, but they could consider adopting a child of their own whom they are positive wouldn’t leave them for some time. Being a mum makes you fully responsible for not just yourself but that other person (your child).

I’m not implying that every single independent woman should go and adopt here. No! Not everyone can do what Angelina Jolie did. What I’m saying is that if one has the means to care for a child, then she can consider the possibility of  adoption. It doesn’t necessarily have to be heartbreak that would make one go about adoption. It could be loneliness; means to finding yourself; it could be because you want to or; it could be to have a sense of responsibility. Whatever your reasons may be, the point is to channel that restlessness or whatever it is in making someone happy who in turn would make you happy.


Take A Bow

Hi guys! I only wrote this story a few hours ago and thought to share. Please pardon the wrong tenses. Enjoy!


“Chioma tell me that you aren’t still fucking that married man?”

This was a bbm I got from Emeka at 3.02am two days ago. I haven’t been able to do much of anything since I read the message. My mind kept going back to how much I loved this guy; how many times I made sacrifices for him. How many of my male friends I had stopped talking to because he felt insecure around them. How many times he quarreled with one of my sisters because she told him that she didn’t like him. I knew that my other sisters didn’t like him that much either but I was determined to make it work.

He’s been calling me and sending messages but I can neither pick nor reply the messages. I already know what I must do. I made a call to my sisters telling them of the decision I had made. They told me in clear words that they want the best for me and would support me in whatever I choose. I sent Emeka a bbm saying:

“Hi baby, can we see at 6pm today in our usual park?”

I get a reply immediately.

Perfect! Anything for you babe :*

After reading his reply, I wondered if it were the person that sent the same message two days ago.

So I came to the park a little late while it seemed like he had been waiting for sometime. As soon as I got out of the car, he was already behind me.

He looked scared and sweaty. It seemed like he was about to do something he didn’t usually do.

As I locked my car he was putting his hands on my waist and started apologizing for what he said two days ago.

He said:

“Baby, I’m sorry about what I said. I shouldn’t have. I only just realized yesterday that my so-called friends were not good people. I knew that they never liked you and decided to fill me with lies about you but I didn’t know they had to lie about you and your ex having sex last week. I asked you the question because I wanted to be sure that I was making the right decision before giving you this…”

He took out a little box from the pocket of his pants. When he opened it, it was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. It was a platinum ring that consisted of a pearl in the middle which was my birthstone and tiny dark blue stones around which I assumed were sapphires his birthstone.

The ring was magnificent to me but not the man. I knew that I couldn’t spend the rest of my life with a man who couldn’t trust me; who took his friends’ words over mine and; who could fight with my fifteen year old sister.

He continued:

“Baby, I have had this ring for about a month but I have been scared. I know that I have been looking for loop holes against you but last night I prayed about it and I now know that you are the one for me.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I couldn’t believe that someone had finally found me worthy to propose at the age of 29. I was elated…

“Let’s spend the rest of our lives together. Marry me!”

… and angry.

I knew what I must do. I shouted:


His expression was one of confusion.

Now I said it several times.

“No! No! No!”

He said,

“Baby, but I apologized, I said I am sorry. I’ll make it up to you. I said that I prayed and God reveled it to me that you were the One.”

His last words got me as red a luscious tomato.

I said

“You think you can say hurtful words to people – even those that matter the most to you and get away with it? You think I’m a device that does exactly what you want because you asked for it? No, I am not! You seem to have a magnificent ring but you are not a magnificent person. You don’t trust me but you want me to trust you enough to believe your promise of being a better person. Never! I can’t trust you. I won’t.” 

I grabbed the box from him, closed it and threw it on the floor. I entered into my car. As I reversed, I got the satisfaction of looking at the reflection in the mirror  and seeing surprise, anger and hurt mixed together.

I made sure that we made eye contact, then I gave him that sexy smile I knew he fell in love with from the beginning and drove off.