The Jacksons

 My sister and I were watching Jermaine Jackson’s Blame It On The Boogie and she made one or two anecdotes about it. She also kept emphasizing on his lack of dancing skills and how he was only good at clapping. Well, the conversation went into other matters concerning the Jackson family – how Michael Jackson’s will is being contested, the fact that the legal guardian of his kids aren’t his siblings, and the change of executors of his will.

My contribution to said conversation was that we don’t know the intricacies of the Jackson’s family. Michael Jackson(RIP) is the only one that can really answer why he he chose his mum as legal guardian, other people as executor and leaving nothing to his siblings. In my opinion, I’ll say that there must have been envy among his siblings. We all know he was the golden boy in the family. Siblings or not, there could have been some kind of envy or animosity among his siblings.

For instance, Jermaine was the lead singer from the beginning before Michael came and overshadowed him. Couldn’t Jermaine have been gleaming with pride for his brother at first then as years went by it wasn’t just that anymore? Of course, family being family, they all played the happy family who who loved and supported each other, but couldn’t it just have been a facade?

In families with these kind of problems, I always wonder how the children are taking it all.

Okay, maybe I’m imagining too much or I’m getting this all wrong…


Forbidden Attractions

Hi. This came to me in bits and pieces so bear with me.


“I’ve brought two house boys who are from Calabar. I was told that they cook very well so the children shouldn’t go near the kitchen”.

That was the last conversation she heard between her parents before her father entered into the car and left for his usual trips. So the houseboys, Sunday and Peter came to live in their house. They cooked delicious meals and made her mother who was pregnant happy.

Her elder brother by two years, Eric always went to play at his friends’ houses who were neighbours with them. Her father travelled a lot and her mother had many church programs to attend and with the baby coming, she couldn’t play with her. Uncle Sunday was exceptional. He wasn’t like Uncle Peter who always chased them from the kitchen and always had a stern look. Uncle Sunday was always there to buy her eclairs and play with her. He never shouted at her; all her eighth-year-old mind felt was that someone thought about her. He called her his little wife. He always showered her affection and had energy in abundance when it came to playing with her.

The day Mummy was rushed to the hospital to deliver the baby, Eric and her were excited and also scared and told Uncle Sunday. He told her not to worry that she would be fine. Later that night, while she slept, he came and carried her from the room she shared with Eric and brought her to the living room. He touched her in a way no one had – he touched her hardly formed breasts and virginal privates. Even her mother didn’t bath her and touch her in that way.

She thought it all happened in a dream since she was really sleepy that night until the following day when he sent Eric to buy eclairs for them. As soon as Eric left, he told her to come and put her hands inside his jeans. She declined and went to stay next to Uncle Peter who was cooking afang soup. She was glad Eric came back quickly with the sweets and she had more people in the company of Uncle Sunday. She suddenly realized that last night wasn’t a dream and she stayed away from Uncle Friday as often as possible. After a while he stopped the fleeting pats and stopped playing with her completely. She then found companionship in her Enid Blyton story books and in her new baby sister.

She never did tell anybody and didn’t really know that her virginity was taken until she was eighteen and started dating Elvis. Now older and wiser, she realized that it wasn’t just Uncle Sunday that made those pats but also Uncle Damian – her father’s cousin who came to visit sometimes. Uncle Damian’s touching wasn’t so obvious because he rarely came around and never really went far because someone was always around.

Till today now married with kids, she can’t handle relatives (males or female) leaving in her house. She can only stand visits and short holidays. She registered at a company specialized in house keeping who stay changing the house keepers that come to her house often.


Parents beware of pedophiles in your home; form a good relationship with your children.