Intercessions of a mother

She’s such a beautiful child who cried the river and drowned the whole world when she smiled. Do you know why she cries? You know but you choose to look the other way. Each year, her whimpering starts a month to her birthday. She’s going to be five years old and she hasn’t celebrated any birthday.

You keep shouting at her with your deep bass voice and she keeps shuddering and shrieking into a shadow of herself. Since she was two, she knew what if felt like to have her own birthday and couldn’t have one. She was either present at her brother’s birthday or her classmates who celebrated theirs in school. So she knows what it feels like to be left out.

Do you know you may be contributing to it? With your voice and the manner in which you handle her cannot be said to be on a par with a child of five. She’s all ignorance and bliss.

Learn to be a daddy to your daughter and she may just learn to get out of stammering.



Day Eight.


I went for 6:30am mass. It lasted for an hour. It was refreshing to go for a short and precise mass. Okay, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I have a problem with two hour masses, it’s just that most times, the announcements are lengthy and one tends to forget the preaching which was taken at the beginning.

I came back home and slept away. I woke up, ate Golden Morn and really wanted to see the ‘world’ again. In addition, I needed to buy a few essentials before moving into school on Monday.

S said that she would take me to the nearby market when she comes back. Since, I didn’t want to take chances I asked around and found the market. I bought the items which included a bucket so I had to get back home to drop the items before looking for where to eat.

I spent some time at home enjoying air conditioner and an empty house. The weather is so hot these days. So I finally extricated myself from the house when my tummy was doing the gangnam style. I went scouting for food and finally found Munchies in Victoria Island. I had a plate of fried rice, roasted chicken, moi moi (Although Tetrazzini’s moi moi stays winning) and water. My sister D and husband had memories in this restaurant because it was the first place they spent together when they were just friends. Thank God for fork and knife, I took my time eating, cutting the food into small pieces and getting stuffed quickly. I hate to waste and knowing this was going to be my only real meal, I cleared my plate leaving the customary few bits on the plate.

So I decided to walk more, since there was nothing waiting for me at home and that’s how I found Silverbird Galleria. I must say that I was disappointed but then I shouldn’t have put it on a par with Silverbird abuja. The plan was to just see what the place was like and be on my way home. Then I happened to call D and told her about Munchies and just being in front of Silverbird and she started pushing me to spend some more money on me.  She also reminded me that I would soon be far away from there and be almost drowned in school work. So I indulged her… and me.  I went into the Galleria and bought a ticket for Twilight’s Breaking Dawn. I’m not much of a fan of the Quartet but I must say that it was a nice movie. They gave the viewers what they wanted if you know what I mean.

I finished the movie and walked back home satisfied with my day. S finally came back around 8 due to traffic at the Lagos/Ibadan express road. Thank God, I went with my instincts and shopped myself. If I didn’t then I wouldn’t have been able to move into school the following day.

Day Seven.

Hi again.

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I spent the day indoors. I didn’t move an inch from the house. I didn’t even get a real meal into my stomach. Let’s call it lazy. You know how the week was stressful and I trekked a lot. I just needed not to trek or walk anywhere. I ate gala and cookies as my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I watched the movie The Man on The Ledge. I also caught up on those blogs that have been waiting for my attention and I slept a lot. I  read my Bible and prayed some too. I listened to the lyrics of songs I’ve had for awhile but didn’t have the opportunity.

I have this problem of not returning calls when I see them. I don’t know why. I tend to return calls a few days after. So this was an opportunity; a free day to return those calls.

I already mentioned that S travelled so it was cool to be alone. It was cool to have an empty house to myself. To shout or scream, or sing in annoying tones without weird or being self conscious to another.

From pockets of nothingness

So while I started typing this, Coldplay’s Fix You kept playing in my head. Maybe you should play it while reading this. Enjoy!


Do you know that feeling you have when you find learning in pockets of nothingness?

Do you know that feeling you have when you allow yourself to learn just by being open minded; when you allow yourself to feel your surrounding?

Do you know the feeling of learning from interacting with people when you didn’t see slews of  education coming your way?

That’s when you love education.

That’s when it’s beautiful: finding learning from pockets of nothingness.

I think I have mentioned in a previous post that I hated Lagos. Well presently, it has reduced to dislike or maybe it is in the grey. I’m in that grey that is neither hate nor love.

I’ve come to realize that Lagos isn’t so bad. Lagos pushes you to try harder, to work harder. So let’s call it making a better person. No matter how much I complain, I know that today is a better me and tomorrow by His grace, a better Lily has risen by a notch.

I got chatting with S about Lagos. I wanted to know about her experiences. She says that she prefers Lagos to Abuja where she grew up. I don’t know if her preference is influenced as result of meeting her fiance here or if it’s because she saw what I’m seeing after a few days in going to Law school in Lagos. I already feel that Lagos has more opportunities than Abuja. S added that in work places in Lagos you tend to work with your age grade but in Abuja you don’t. Of course, working with your age grade brings about common grounds, friendship among your colleagues as well as working efficiency.

I’ve also learnt to be open minded too.

I was chatting with a friend yesterday who’s also being registered in Lagos law school but hasn’t gotten accommodation. She was asking me about my roommates and I told her that they seem alright although they happen to be of the yoruba tribe excluding me. She told me that a mutual friend of ours isn’t happy that her roommate, in particular the one whom she shares wardrobe with doesn’t wear earrings. Hence, she summed her (the roommate) as a religious fanatic and someone she wouldn’t get along with.

My reply to my friend was that I can’t under a day of meeting (I didn’t saying living with my roommates and neither has our mutual friend) my roommates condemn them because yoruba people are said to be gossips, troublemakers and loud. If I condemn them, then you have a right to call me a a neurotic tight ass. And I don’t even see what a christian fanatic has to do with sharing a wardrobe. If at all said roommate is one.

Finally, I’ve learnt to take one day at a time, to be open minded and suck in the ambience that surrounds me because finding learning in pockets of nothingness is a beautiful thing.

Day SIx


I made new friends. Okay, let’s call them acquaintances because time will test friendship. I met a guy while waiting for the accommodation stage to commence, who took everything literally and my new friends chose to make the time he spent around us miserable. They kept on pressing bottoms that would make him riled and all I could do was laugh. God knows that I was happy the previous day but on this day, I couldn’t hold my laughter.

When I finally stopped laughing, I gave him friendly advice. I told him that if he kept being uptight and all, he was going to be an old man in a very near future. I added that in life no one is an island and we all need each other in one way to survive. He kept saying that he keeps to himself and he takes things personal and I asked him if he thought saying it made it right. I told him to make as many friends as possible here because you don’t know who you’ll need or who would need you in some time to come. And finally, if there was anything I had learnt from my interactions with ‘lawyerly’ friends, there’s a tendency to blackmail another person in a firm, court or else where. The blackmail may be pronounced or subtle and the series Suits confirmed it. So in summary you stay winning being friends with everybody.

I got allocated to a room with two of these friends. We are four in a room and a bathroom and toilet links us to the next room whom we share the restroom with. The third lady isn’t a friend yet and she would be getting married in less than a month’s time so she wouldn’t be around a lot.

The cleaners actually sell pillows and drums (for storing water) used by our predecessors. Can you imagine and I heard that most times the students don’t take them back when going home. Rather than give it away, the cleaners use this medium as a form of business. They are sold at outrageous sums. Like the biggest drum is sold for N3000 ($19). Isn’t that what you would call extortion?

As I have no order choice, I intend to buy a drum and share with one of my neighbour-friend.

So I walked back home and bought my dinner from my affable Tetrazzini and slices of paw paw. S travelled for an official trip so I had the cubicle to myself. I thanked God profusely for the end of my registration and spent the night watching movies.


Day Five


I woke up happy.

I packed up my KFC  meal and left before S’s colleague came. I needed to be early to school and I know the earlier I leave the higher the possibility of getting a bike to school. So I started my usual walk until I find a bike. This day, I got a lift to school.

After two days of no progress, today wasn’t any different but it didn’t dampen my happiness. I herd that the other campuses were done with registration and accommodation excluding Lagos campus.  This time around, the hall wasn’t opened. So we all hung around the hall waiting for it to be opened. I ate my meal with friends while waiting. While I did, P (from Day 2) decided to be friendly. He asked what tribe I was. When he realized that we were same tribe he became overly friendly and said he was going to take to the ‘matrimony altar’ – his words. I just kept laughing. It was the best I could do.

So shortly after, the officers came to tell us that the previous method used for stage three of registration was void. They explained the new method and since I undertook the second stage on time, then I got to be one of the first twenty to get a registration number. Yayness!

You see, my happiness paid up. My prayers too. 

So I got a registration number which is the third stage. I met a line at the clinic which is the fourth stage and so before I completed it, the last stage which accommodation had called it a day.

I was very happy with my accomplishments.  I thank God of course and I thought to spoil myself a little. So I tried Domino’s Pizza. I ordered a chicken something. Pardon my randomness, I can’t remember the name nor did I take a picture. While I waited for it, I went to to the ice cream section and got the best and most expensive ice cream I have ever tasted. A scoop went for N700 ($4). It was a flavor you can imagine that I can’t remember ;). I liked the fact that they mashed bits of cake and waffles and something else in my face. You know the way, you’re watching the suya man prepare the suya you are about to buy. Exactly the same in this instance. I asked for a funny shaped ice cream cone.


Then while I enjoyed my ice cream, I waited for the chicken something. So it got ready soon after but I took my time with the ice cream especially when I wasn’t relishing the idea of going under the sun and continuing my trek home. I finally finished the ice cream and neatly ate my lovely cone then said my thanks to the security who opens and closes the exit and sashayed away. I bought watermelons and oranges on the way and finally got to the house.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t light. So I had to climb twelve floors as the elevator wouldn’t work. This didn’t deter my happiness. I was a light bulb, I must say glowing with happiness and excitement. I should kindly remind you that I was running on an empty stomach. So I finally got home and opened my carton (which is what Domino’s used to wrap my meal) only to find out that it was five baby’s fists of chicken. Okay, I’ve never been to the Domino’s Pizza and didn’t know what to expect when I ordered. I wish that I took a picture. Lesson learnt. I’ll do well to get my chicken from KFC next time. It dimmed my happiness a little but telling S about my day while getting stuffed with the fruits made me happy again.

I slept happy.


Day Four


Due to the events of the previous day, some students said they would sleep over since school was giving temporary accommodation. I didn’t wait for S’s colleague to come so I took a bike into school. I forgot to add that bikes run latest 7am and after that disappear since they are prohibited.

By the time, I got into the hall, it was filled to capacity. I heard students were in front of the hall as early as 3am. It was saddening and I already knew that there wasn’t hope for me that day. Here I was, thinking that I’ll be settled in by today. Students who later came disorganized everything. The officers refused to come to the hall. There were lots of struggle, throwing of the code of conduct by the miffed officer at students, losing of earrings and other possessions, injuries, etc. I got a mangled sandals in the end.

While the officers remained in their offices, collecting money to register students or registering their own. By the time they decided to give the masses, they spent an hour and stopped for the day.

I ate at the school’s cafeteria. I vowed that I would never eat the fried rice again so I went for their jollof rice with beef and moi moi and dodo while my friends went for garri and vegetable soup.


I miss cooking! Cooking is prohibited in school so we left to buy our meals from the cafeteria. Since this stress of registration, I ate very little usually a meal per day. The jollof rice and beef were good , the moi moi was crap. I’ll stick to Tetrazzini’s own. The dodo was softer this time. My friends said that the vegetable soup was nice. I wouldn’t test my tummy on that.

So I finished with that and thought of taking a cab home but I pushed the thought away. I walked down again this time for the fun of it and I wanted to try KFC. It’s not like I wanted to eat again. I was already stuffed for the day. I needed to make breakfast for the next day.

Haven’t seen chicken as crunchy as KFC’s since I left Lagos after secondary school.

I should point out that for unfathomable reasons, I wasn’t set back by the lack of progress from school. I took it well. I think I accepted that God knows best. Just like what Job from the Bible told his wife who mocked him and he told her:

“When God sends us something good, we welcome it . How can we complain when he sends us trouble” – Job 2:10

I accepted this little trouble I had as God’s own way of testing me and teaching me endurance and showering his blessings. I think it is mentioned somewhere in the book of Romans. I just believed God won’t let me suffer in end. God won’t let me not have accommodation in the end. So that day while I trekked, I thanked God for disappointments and prayed that I see his blessings in these disappointments.