Amaechi: But There’s Never Enough Time.


I never knew you.

Except knowing you for less than a month equals to knowing.

We planned to have that conversation after class. The one where we get to share banter, laugh, enjoy expressions and dream. I always said I was busy or had to go away or something.  You always said when I’m ready.

You were one of the few people I always wanted to know more in the school. One person that I had fleeting but utterly interesting conversations with – the deep and meaningful ones I like. You seemed like that friend that would help you understand youhelp you be a better person: help you ask yourself those salient questions.

Your witty questions and answers that I never saw coming. You made me think a little more. Just by the short and quick conversations we had, facebook chat, and yes your smile. 🙂 your good dentition I teased you about.

Then you always sat next to the blind girl that always “contributed” in class. Only to you of course, causing you to have a ‘by force’ dual hearing ability. I always wondered how you could be so patient with her everyday. Choosing to sit next to her even when you could elsewhere and listen to the lecturers properly.

You were always that quiet and observant one. Always keeping to yourself. Never going out. You had dreams. Dreams that you wouldn’t share because I wouldn’t share mine with you.

I used to take days to reply your messages  just because; not knowing you were almost done here.

Now you never get to reply me. Now all I have are memories.

I agree that I never knew you.

But I liked what I knew. I liked what I saw.

I wish you God’s peace. Rest well my friend.