Be a Light.

Hello lovelies!!!

It”s been soooooo long. I feel like I haven’t even blogged properly since law school. Law school has been all shades of stress and then some. There’s been splashes of fun and those days when I want to shoot the creator of school. I’m still on the hunt for him.

I have nothing to write here and maybe do here but I think you need to know this:

Be a light

When last did you genuinely ask someone the question How are you? I mean like look into the person’s eyes and ask, and not just needing to hear the conventional I’m fine, I’m good, I’m very well. 

Everyone’s on the run these days. Each person not knowing the thoughts of the other. There are so many problems out there: external problems and the internal ones. Depression, suicide, bipolar personality problem, financial problems, family problems, etc. Some people look like they have a gazillion friends but the truth is that they are an island.

All I’m saying is Be a Light. Smile at someone. Anyone. Compliment her. Tell your nephew how amazing he is. Sacrifice a few minutes of that thing that keeps you so busy and call someone and appreciate them. Get off bbm and twitter and go and meet the person; have a life conversation. Conversations are the bestest especially when you have them without reservation. Ask the blind woman in your church how she’s doing. The list goes on.


We really don’t know how much time we have here. On earth. I want to know that I tried. I want to know that I contributed to someone’s happiness however long or short it is or was.

Be a light.