So so random.

I want to write a story. A story that touches many things. I just don’t know how.


I guess when It comes, It comes.

I haven’t read many blogs like I usually do. I created an email for blogs but I haven’t had time for them. They are shouting for my attention (lol! Don’t worry I’m the only one hearing it).

I want to create something. I want to be given an empty room and unlimited access to money. Money I can use to make it beau… whatever it’s meant to be. I know what it will be meant to be when I finish.

Now I want a holiday. No, I need a holiday.

Some small European country

Where I spoil french or spanish in a bit to learn it and the old women laugh at me

I’ll be riding a bicycle, in shorts, my hair in a bun and sunglasses.

I have a small basket attached to my bicycle that contains vegetables and flowers – lilies and tulips.

I’m happy and relaxed.

Oh right, here’s the partner…


Dear readers, I’ve missed you so much. I hope you’re very well. Wishing you more love and laughter.