Hypothetical…. or not

The Head of chambers asked me to follow one of the lawyers in the firm to collect the Garnishee Order. After we arrived at the Court, the Registrar told us to wait for some time. After about an hour, the Registrar told the lawyer that he has seen that our client in Exxon Mobil and he cannot imagine how much we are charging our client as legal practitioners fees. We all laughed about it and the lawyer told him that God is helping us. The Registrar chuckled and said that we would also help him. The lawyer ended his mirth and asked what he meant. He said that the lawyer needs to drop something before he can give him the Order. The lawyer now gave him N1000. The registrar pushed the money out of his desk and raised his voice by a notch asking the lawyer if he looked like a baby to him. The Registrar asked him to leave his office and come back when he was ready.

The lawyer did not know what to do. He knew that if he gave the lawyer any money, he would be going outside the bounds of law. He also weighed the pros and cons of writing a letter of complaint to the National Judicial Council of the Registrar could be addressed. He made a resolution to do just that.

He decided to call the Head of Chambers and brief him on the latest events and what he intended to do. The Head of Chambers listened and asked him to come back to the office. On our way out of the court, the lawyer met a colleague and told him what transpired at the office of the Registrar. His colleague just kept laughing about it. He told him that he knew how good and honest the lawyer is including our firm. He advised him to pay a reasonable amount like N500, 000 and above. The colleague asked him not to bother filing a letter of complaint, that this particular Registrar is highly connected. If he doesn’t want to make better alliance in future with this Court or any Court in particular then he should just pay. He said that he must still be a rookie if he does not know that it happens everywhere. The lawyer did not know what to do again. He thanked his friend and we returned to our firm.




Hi lovelies. I hope you have all been well? Thank God for a successful completion of Nigerian Law School. I’m still getting used to sleeping normally and not always thinking in legal terms -_______-

I hope to be back as days go by.

Love and laughter.