Oh, Don’t you Judge Him.

You had just dunked your blackberry into your pocket when you saw the blind man. The blind man was led by a man that was not. You had just approached the entrance of the church where everyone happened to be either making the sign of the cross after putting their hands in the bowl of Holy Water or waiting for the person in front of them to go in.

While you waited to enter, you noticed that the man leading the blind man had deserted him to enter the church. You hesitated. You kept staring at the blind man staggering while the members of the congregation either ignored him or pushed him away. You finally decided on what you wanted to do. You entered into the church.

You finally found a seat and joined in clapping and singing the Gloria. Your mind went back to the blind man and you became sad. You became sad because you did not help him even when you could. It reminded you of the Samaritan story. Oh, but someone could have helped him by now, you thought. It didn’t make you any brighter.


One thought on “Oh, Don’t you Judge Him.

  1. …But u didn’t. It reminds me of the poem ” pauper pauper” where the poet tend to ask this pauper what crime did he commit to mother nature that made him so dejected and left to suffer at life’s lowest level. Sometimes we ve d means to help a person stand but instead we turn our eyes the other way n act like we r not there. The tragedy of human existence. It is well.

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