Victoria Beckham

Recently, I’ve been trying to explore the other categories of this blog and deviating from the regular ‘My perceptions’ and ‘Uncategorized’.

So today’s category will be on Fashion. I want to talk about Victoria Beckham. Please take some time to appreciate the svelte woman. Yes, I was having a conversation with a friend a few days ago and I realized that there not many attractively thin women I appreciate.


Victoria Beckham is willowy and sexy as hell. She’s one of those women who don’t naturally wear revealing clothes in order to appreciate God’s work. I still can’t fathom that she’s carried all her pregnancies and still manages to look so good.

Please if it would offend you now, you can stop reading now. Victoria is one person that I’ll look up to for fashion, style and motherhood over Beyonce. She defines the meaning of phenomenal.


Ashley Greene

So here is one of my hot lady friends Ashley Greene all hot and sexy in those skinny jeans. She also used a good color on her white skin – Red. We all know that skinnys don’t fit everyone but it totally fits her. For some it makes them look fat and bloated; some have the wrong legs for them and others can’t go wrong wearing one. Just like Ashley. See those long legs and shoes. She’s sashaying away like she owns the world.


One of the many things Mother taught me was to always walk gracefully and mask confidence. She says that it’s one of the important things  that make up a woman. She also taught me not to carry my problems on my face but take time to dress and makeup properly especially during those times.