The better half

I recently just understood the meaning of the term “better half”. I wish you dear readers would share your understanding with me.

Song: Taio Cruz’s Telling The World.

The better half.

It isn’t just anybody.

It’s that one you’ve chosen to love;

The better part of your worst days;

The one you come back to even after the shenanigans and/or good of the day;

He/she is more than just the icing on the cake.

He/she is that exceptional one.

Your exceptional.


So you’re you but your other half makes you a better you.

You know the part where someone says ‘marry someone who would challenge you and who would make you a better you’?

That’s the other side of you;

The other side of the same coin.

You both need each other

And I believe God makes this happen,

At least for the long term.







****I’ve been writing so many posts with love themes and it’s beginning to irk me but for some unfathomable reason I can’t help it. You’ll think the Y infestations ameliorates everything. It doesn’t. Or maybe I’m yet to see it. I have my issues but I’ll say someone (people) needed to read this at the particular time – their eyes/minds needed these words.****


Beautiful Impressions

I believe that people are meant to be met

Conversations are meant to be had

Experiences are meant to be shared

So that we all learn

And pick up something.


In the last few days, I’ve learnt something about me,

I love to learn and read many different things

Just to be in the know.

Wisdom and knowledge are never enough, you know.


I’ll say that I am a thinker

And  I love to listen to people

And help them

Or pick up their experiences

And help others.

Ssh! Don’t Tell Mother!

Do you know?

That your silences echo in our home?

That we give you fleeting stares and disapprove of you and pa’s bickering?

Do you?


Do you know that it affects us?

Do you remember that you should stay close to pa no matter what?

Do you know that we suffer from you people’s silences?

And the money issues too?

Do you?


Do you remember that life can never be perfect?

So we have to take one day at a time

Live and let live

Do you?


Do you know that your tantrums

Make us wary of commitment,

Of going through something similar in our own relationships?

Do you?


Do you know that we share the same God?

That He has thought us about perseverance and sacrifice

And that nothing lasts forever?

Do you?


Ssssh! Don’t tell Mother!