Alfred’s Creed.


Hi guys, I know it’s been more than a while. In fact, I accepted that I was done here. But then… I’ll discuss this in a different post. I should spin a story around today’s post but I’ll rather just get down to what’s on my mind. Here goes…

I had this conversation with Alfred**. He asked me to advice him on the sexual harassment he is receiving from three ladies in his office. He works in a medium sized mall. He is the legal officer/HR manager. They come into his office separately. They touch him, kiss him, among other things. I advised him to leave his door open and move his table and chair so that its facing the door. Alfred didn’think that it was necesaary. He said that it will be out of place to start leaving the door of his office open. I told him that I couldn’t think of any other answer. So I told him that he should ask his friends. He replied “men don’t discuss these things”. They always find away a way to deal with this. He said that any man looking at this as a problem to the extent of discussing it with his friends will be laughed at. I was perplexed. But it got me thinking. Ladies don’t like to talk about the sexual pressure they get from their partners in relationships and men don’t like to talk about the sexual pressure or harassment going on in their workplace. Is this a fact or crap?

Same guy told me that it’s dumb to run away from temptation but smart to run into it, especially when his long time girlfriend won’t find out. Are these the kind ofn men that exist these days? Because apparently, I asked a couple of guys their thoughts on it and they said ladies and men don’t see anything in this. 

They won’t condone with it in their relationships but people are cheating without their partners knowing.

So people what are your thoughts?


**Alfred is incognito.

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Everything is now Commercialized!

The world keeps evolving.

Now an old man marries a girl child.

A woman marries a man that can be called her son or grandson.

A woman proposes to the man.

A man marries another man.

A woman does the same.

A woman wakes up tomorrow and says that she wants to be a man.

A man does the same.

Now kids are doing the same.


Women remove their uterus because they don’t want to have children. Some have this agreement in their marriages. They want to be companions to each other but don’t want to have children.

Parents watch your children. The media is evil.


What happens to procreation? Can the transgender persons make babies?

Or gays?

Everything is now commercialized.



I do not intend to judge anybody. I’m just sharing what I think has come to stay with us. These are just my thoughts and maybe the thoughts of others. 

So so random.

I want to write a story. A story that touches many things. I just don’t know how.


I guess when It comes, It comes.

I haven’t read many blogs like I usually do. I created an email for blogs but I haven’t had time for them. They are shouting for my attention (lol! Don’t worry I’m the only one hearing it).

I want to create something. I want to be given an empty room and unlimited access to money. Money I can use to make it beau… whatever it’s meant to be. I know what it will be meant to be when I finish.

Now I want a holiday. No, I need a holiday.

Some small European country

Where I spoil french or spanish in a bit to learn it and the old women laugh at me

I’ll be riding a bicycle, in shorts, my hair in a bun and sunglasses.

I have a small basket attached to my bicycle that contains vegetables and flowers – lilies and tulips.

I’m happy and relaxed.

Oh right, here’s the partner…


Dear readers, I’ve missed you so much. I hope you’re very well. Wishing you more love and laughter.

Amaechi: But There’s Never Enough Time.


I never knew you.

Except knowing you for less than a month equals to knowing.

We planned to have that conversation after class. The one where we get to share banter, laugh, enjoy expressions and dream. I always said I was busy or had to go away or something.  You always said when I’m ready.

You were one of the few people I always wanted to know more in the school. One person that I had fleeting but utterly interesting conversations with – the deep and meaningful ones I like. You seemed like that friend that would help you understand youhelp you be a better person: help you ask yourself those salient questions.

Your witty questions and answers that I never saw coming. You made me think a little more. Just by the short and quick conversations we had, facebook chat, and yes your smile. 🙂 your good dentition I teased you about.

Then you always sat next to the blind girl that always “contributed” in class. Only to you of course, causing you to have a ‘by force’ dual hearing ability. I always wondered how you could be so patient with her everyday. Choosing to sit next to her even when you could elsewhere and listen to the lecturers properly.

You were always that quiet and observant one. Always keeping to yourself. Never going out. You had dreams. Dreams that you wouldn’t share because I wouldn’t share mine with you.

I used to take days to reply your messages  just because; not knowing you were almost done here.

Now you never get to reply me. Now all I have are memories.

I agree that I never knew you.

But I liked what I knew. I liked what I saw.

I wish you God’s peace. Rest well my friend.

Beautiful Impressions is 1!!!

*insert your feel-good-song and share in the comment box*

Hi guys! It’s only been a minute or is it?

Happy new year! I hope the year’s been good for you? If it hasn’t, then there are many more months for that to change. If it’s been good then keep being grateful to God.

I don’t even know where to start from. All that’s ringing in my head is that this blog is One. It was actually one yesterday but I didn’t have the time to come here.

I remember deleting the other blog and telling myself that I would never write again. If you are a writer you know that these things don’t work like that. Writing doesn’t just go away. I found myself itching to write; to have this outlet, for my ideas and thought processes. Within a month of permanently deleting the other, I started this one.

I can’t say that I haven’t had the mind to delete this one. There have been many times. There are still those times but something keeps stopping me. It’s already a year after. It’s been more successful than I ever imagined. I must confess that I keep feeling that this blog isn’t all that or there are great writers out there and this one is bleh. Then I read this blog from someone’s phone blocking the fact that I am the writer,  it’s not supposed to work but it does and just reading it like I do many other blogs and I can’t stop smiling. Yes, I’m a writer and a good one.

If you may, share this blog with somebody.

I’m grateful to God for the mind he has given me to write most of these things here. I’m grateful to friends for their encouragement and constructive criticisms. I couldn’t have done it without you all. You are all awesome.

Now I wish I was going to say that I’m going to be here more often from today. But I can’t. School beckons everyday until August. Please remember me in your prayers. Just mention ‘lily’ in them. God totally understands.

To beautiful impressions!!!

Love and laughter.



Hello y’all.

I want to thank you for all your love and support through your comments and verbal praises. I also want to thank you for your constructive criticisms. One needs to hear the good and bad sides of something in order to improve.

I intended to put in more effort on blogging but I know that it wont be possible. And with that I render an early apology. I’ve just started Nigerian Law School and it’s going to take a huge chunk of my time. I’ll try to be here when I can as well as share some law school tales as often as possible.