On a Frolic of Her Own.


You know…

I couldn’t put a finger to it, but I recently realized that I was a depressing and pessimistic soul.

Nobody thought me depressingwords. I worked on making myself depressed effortlessly.

Have I grown this year?

I ask myself a lot this question but I really can’t answer. But  I’ll tell you this. I found God. No scratch that. I’m on a constant journey of finding God. It’s more like a quest. So I’ll say that I’ve grown in my relationship with Him and sometimes I think that I hear Him speak to me. Sometimes. It’s very rare but it happens.


I’m a bundle of  light and optimism. I like to encourage people even if it’s a puny attempt. I like to try anyway. And I don’t just tell them to make them feel good, I believe in it – what i say and in the person.

It’s all in you.

So I’ve chosen happiness over depression, sadness and pessimism.

Life is simple unless you’re not.

I stumbled on the aforementioned quote as someone’s twitter bio about two years ago. I didn’t understand but it stuck. I didn’t believe that it was possible or even made sense. Now it does. Life is that simple when you have God.

Lemme tell you one lily-secret. Her biggest fear is her. There! I said it. That’s a step I think – talking about it. So she goes into 2014. Scratch that . She goes into the next hour with these words:

do it afraid



No. Matter. What. You. Are. Going. Through. There’s. A. Lot. To. Be. Thankful. For.


Beautiful Impressions is 1!!!

*insert your feel-good-song and share in the comment box*

Hi guys! It’s only been a minute or is it?

Happy new year! I hope the year’s been good for you? If it hasn’t, then there are many more months for that to change. If it’s been good then keep being grateful to God.

I don’t even know where to start from. All that’s ringing in my head is that this blog is One. It was actually one yesterday but I didn’t have the time to come here.

I remember deleting the other blog and telling myself that I would never write again. If you are a writer you know that these things don’t work like that. Writing doesn’t just go away. I found myself itching to write; to have this outlet, for my ideas and thought processes. Within a month of permanently deleting the other, I started this one.

I can’t say that I haven’t had the mind to delete this one. There have been many times. There are still those times but something keeps stopping me. It’s already a year after. It’s been more successful than I ever imagined. I must confess that I keep feeling that this blog isn’t all that or there are great writers out there and this one is bleh. Then I read this blog from someone’s phone blocking the fact that I am the writer,  it’s not supposed to work but it does and just reading it like I do many other blogs and I can’t stop smiling. Yes, I’m a writer and a good one.

If you may, share this blog with somebody.

I’m grateful to God for the mind he has given me to write most of these things here. I’m grateful to friends for their encouragement and constructive criticisms. I couldn’t have done it without you all. You are all awesome.

Now I wish I was going to say that I’m going to be here more often from today. But I can’t. School beckons everyday until August. Please remember me in your prayers. Just mention ‘lily’ in them. God totally understands.

To beautiful impressions!!!

Love and laughter.


The better half

I recently just understood the meaning of the term “better half”. I wish you dear readers would share your understanding with me.

Song: Taio Cruz’s Telling The World.

The better half.

It isn’t just anybody.

It’s that one you’ve chosen to love;

The better part of your worst days;

The one you come back to even after the shenanigans and/or good of the day;

He/she is more than just the icing on the cake.

He/she is that exceptional one.

Your exceptional.


So you’re you but your other half makes you a better you.

You know the part where someone says ‘marry someone who would challenge you and who would make you a better you’?

That’s the other side of you;

The other side of the same coin.

You both need each other

And I believe God makes this happen,

At least for the long term.







****I’ve been writing so many posts with love themes and it’s beginning to irk me but for some unfathomable reason I can’t help it. You’ll think the Y infestations ameliorates everything. It doesn’t. Or maybe I’m yet to see it. I have my issues but I’ll say someone (people) needed to read this at the particular time – their eyes/minds needed these words.****

Day Eight.


I went for 6:30am mass. It lasted for an hour. It was refreshing to go for a short and precise mass. Okay, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I have a problem with two hour masses, it’s just that most times, the announcements are lengthy and one tends to forget the preaching which was taken at the beginning.

I came back home and slept away. I woke up, ate Golden Morn and really wanted to see the ‘world’ again. In addition, I needed to buy a few essentials before moving into school on Monday.

S said that she would take me to the nearby market when she comes back. Since, I didn’t want to take chances I asked around and found the market. I bought the items which included a bucket so I had to get back home to drop the items before looking for where to eat.

I spent some time at home enjoying air conditioner and an empty house. The weather is so hot these days. So I finally extricated myself from the house when my tummy was doing the gangnam style. I went scouting for food and finally found Munchies in Victoria Island. I had a plate of fried rice, roasted chicken, moi moi (Although Tetrazzini’s moi moi stays winning) and water. My sister D and husband had memories in this restaurant because it was the first place they spent together when they were just friends. Thank God for fork and knife, I took my time eating, cutting the food into small pieces and getting stuffed quickly. I hate to waste and knowing this was going to be my only real meal, I cleared my plate leaving the customary few bits on the plate.

So I decided to walk more, since there was nothing waiting for me at home and that’s how I found Silverbird Galleria. I must say that I was disappointed but then I shouldn’t have put it on a par with Silverbird abuja. The plan was to just see what the place was like and be on my way home. Then I happened to call D and told her about Munchies and just being in front of Silverbird and she started pushing me to spend some more money on me.  She also reminded me that I would soon be far away from there and be almost drowned in school work. So I indulged her… and me.  I went into the Galleria and bought a ticket for Twilight’s Breaking Dawn. I’m not much of a fan of the Quartet but I must say that it was a nice movie. They gave the viewers what they wanted if you know what I mean.

I finished the movie and walked back home satisfied with my day. S finally came back around 8 due to traffic at the Lagos/Ibadan express road. Thank God, I went with my instincts and shopped myself. If I didn’t then I wouldn’t have been able to move into school the following day.

Day Five


I woke up happy.

I packed up my KFC  meal and left before S’s colleague came. I needed to be early to school and I know the earlier I leave the higher the possibility of getting a bike to school. So I started my usual walk until I find a bike. This day, I got a lift to school.

After two days of no progress, today wasn’t any different but it didn’t dampen my happiness. I herd that the other campuses were done with registration and accommodation excluding Lagos campus.  This time around, the hall wasn’t opened. So we all hung around the hall waiting for it to be opened. I ate my meal with friends while waiting. While I did, P (from Day 2) decided to be friendly. He asked what tribe I was. When he realized that we were same tribe he became overly friendly and said he was going to take to the ‘matrimony altar’ – his words. I just kept laughing. It was the best I could do.

So shortly after, the officers came to tell us that the previous method used for stage three of registration was void. They explained the new method and since I undertook the second stage on time, then I got to be one of the first twenty to get a registration number. Yayness!

You see, my happiness paid up. My prayers too. 

So I got a registration number which is the third stage. I met a line at the clinic which is the fourth stage and so before I completed it, the last stage which accommodation had called it a day.

I was very happy with my accomplishments.  I thank God of course and I thought to spoil myself a little. So I tried Domino’s Pizza. I ordered a chicken something. Pardon my randomness, I can’t remember the name nor did I take a picture. While I waited for it, I went to to the ice cream section and got the best and most expensive ice cream I have ever tasted. A scoop went for N700 ($4). It was a flavor you can imagine that I can’t remember ;). I liked the fact that they mashed bits of cake and waffles and something else in my face. You know the way, you’re watching the suya man prepare the suya you are about to buy. Exactly the same in this instance. I asked for a funny shaped ice cream cone.


Then while I enjoyed my ice cream, I waited for the chicken something. So it got ready soon after but I took my time with the ice cream especially when I wasn’t relishing the idea of going under the sun and continuing my trek home. I finally finished the ice cream and neatly ate my lovely cone then said my thanks to the security who opens and closes the exit and sashayed away. I bought watermelons and oranges on the way and finally got to the house.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t light. So I had to climb twelve floors as the elevator wouldn’t work. This didn’t deter my happiness. I was a light bulb, I must say glowing with happiness and excitement. I should kindly remind you that I was running on an empty stomach. So I finally got home and opened my carton (which is what Domino’s used to wrap my meal) only to find out that it was five baby’s fists of chicken. Okay, I’ve never been to the Domino’s Pizza and didn’t know what to expect when I ordered. I wish that I took a picture. Lesson learnt. I’ll do well to get my chicken from KFC next time. It dimmed my happiness a little but telling S about my day while getting stuffed with the fruits made me happy again.

I slept happy.


Beautiful Impressions

I believe that people are meant to be met

Conversations are meant to be had

Experiences are meant to be shared

So that we all learn

And pick up something.


In the last few days, I’ve learnt something about me,

I love to learn and read many different things

Just to be in the know.

Wisdom and knowledge are never enough, you know.


I’ll say that I am a thinker

And  I love to listen to people

And help them

Or pick up their experiences

And help others.

After the glitz and glamour

I’ve been working on this post for over a month now. I’m not even sure I’ve written to everything but it’s getting longer which is what I’m avoiding. I’ve grateful to Eke, Abdul, and Yomi for their contribution and support in this post. Enjoy.


I happen to be an avid reader of Bella Naija weddings where mostly the finest weddings of Nigerians are featured. Nigeria is a country known to do colossal stuff. For instance: weddings, burials, parties, etc. Looking at the pictures of the aforementioned weddings, I’m  wandering if these couples are still happily married after their humongous weddings. I’m not hating on these couples, I’m just wondering whether the zeal put into the weddings are also put into marriages. The time and money couples channel into building houses and businesses, does it commensurate with the time spent building their homes and giving their children love and affection? I’ve never been married and intend to one day but I’m so sure wealth isn’t an assurance of happiness. Of course, wealth supports happiness but it isn’t the apex of a marriage.

Some women are myopic about marriage. In other words, they give great thought to the wedding and very little to the marriage. They want lavish wedding receptions, expensive hired/borrowed cars for the occasion and other frivolous things. I’m trying not to generalize but what happens to considering your man’s pocket and cutting your cloak according to your size? I love weddings and flowers and the ‘loveliness’ that is the wedding but at the core of it, I’m thinking of my man and our marriage.

The Nigerian society has fostered the perception that a girl must marry as soon as she gets a degree. For instance, a girl maybe finishing school in a few months. She is also in a serious relationship with Mr Potential and Purpose Driven. He truly loves her but isn’t ready to settle down immediately and needs another year to establish himself. Her mother may have been asking her about him and when she’ll be getting grandchild(ren). Her parents may also be undergoing financial problems too.  She knows some friends that are married or would be getting married before the year runs out. She has her doubts about him: whether he’ll still marry her when said year runs out  or if she has enough faith in her boyfriend’s abilities. Mr Rich, Older and Well Established comes into her life and showers her and her family with gifts. He sweeps her off her feet and before she knows it she’s breaking up with Mr Potential. The story may end with her being a child-producing device who keeps being showered gifts while Mr Rich goes to find a mistress. Apparently, all he ever wanted was to find a woman suitable to carry his name and child.

Some women are comfortable with this idea and some others who feel such women have low self esteem or no sense of purpose in their lives. There are also other women who can’t keep their man and wouldn’t bother to try but get themselves into affairs. I hear it’s called an open marriage. What happens to the children? What impressions do the children have of you and marriage in general? Why cause such turbulence and confusion in their minds?

Most man would not value you if you have nothing to offer, it doesn’t necessarily have to be money. To some of us not yet married, please have goals and dreams aside being married. Let the man you’re getting married to know you have something to offer and be willing to help you fulfill your dream and achieve your goal. One would have to remember that marriage isn’t all about money but what both of you can bring to the table. For instance, you may be able to bring the money and the other may have a knack for handling finances.

A marriage is an institution that spans a lifetime which I love and want to experience one day and I believe one should be a part of it not for the wrong reasons especially societal pressure. Strive to become an asset, not a liability.