Does It Really Make Any Difference?

Funmi did not want to come here with her family. She didn’t. She knew that she was going to embarrass herself again. Her mother would see to it. Her best attempt at using her right hand her brought about a piece of water melon in her plate landing in the table of another couple. Thanks to trying to use her left hand.

For some unfathomable reason, I believe people who write with their left hands are smart. I am yet to see one who would prove or has proved me wrong.

The African culture, Nigeria in particular, does not approve of one being left handed. One get’s degraded, mocked and/or scolded as a result of being left handed. It is said that one shows disrespect when h/she gives or takes item(s) with said hand. If one could do everything with the left hand but makes sure that h/she does not receive and accept anything with his left hand, does it really make any difference?

In the little scenario above, since Funmi has gotten so used to using her left, then her mother (or both parents) should make it a point of duty to correct her when she gives or takes anything with the wrong hand.

So this is my opinion, what’s yours?