Oh, Don’t you Judge Him.

You had just dunked your blackberry into your pocket when you saw the blind man. The blind man was led by a man that was not. You had just approached the entrance of the church where everyone happened to be either making the sign of the cross after putting their hands in the bowl of Holy Water or waiting for the person in front of them to go in.

While you waited to enter, you noticed that the man leading the blind man had deserted him to enter the church. You hesitated. You kept staring at the blind man staggering while the members of the congregation either ignored him or pushed him away. You finally decided on what you wanted to do. You entered into the church.

You finally found a seat and joined in clapping and singing the Gloria. Your mind went back to the blind man and you became sad. You became sad because you did not help him even when you could. It reminded you of the Samaritan story. Oh, but someone could have helped him by now, you thought. It didn’t make you any brighter.


A Visit to the Motherless Babies Home.

I went to visit babies at the Motherless babies home a few days back. It was my first. I saw babies of 18 months and below. I must confess that I was dreading visiting them. Why, you may ask. I didn’t know how to act: if I was to have the pity face or just act like life is beautiful. I chose to be myself and I enjoyed it. I also learnt that there was a difference between Motherless Babies Home and the Orphanage Home, don’t judge me. The former have fathers who lost their mothers usually due to childbirth while the others have no parent.

I carried one of the kids and while I did that, my sister asked the caretaker if she was permitted to do the same and she said no. I quickly dropped the little girl. The caretaker didn’t give a reason.

When we left the Home, my sister and I came to the conclusion that the children must really feel that absence of love a lot. During this season people come into their home and show them love. People give all so much but after the season life goes on. We get busy with work and forget how much these kids need love. So I guess the caretaker’s point was that they(kids) should get used to not being carried and showered with gifts and affection. Fickle minds that we have.

On my way out I noticed that one of the caretakers changing a baby who had pooed. I also noticed the baby napkin was in tatters. I felt for them. I asked my sister and brother in-law why they couldn’t provide better napkins for these children since people bring money among other things. Their opinion was that just the same way these children get love seasonally, the gifts are also given seasonally. Since they can’t maintain diapers while start.

It broke my heart.

Dear readers, please if you can help in donating things as little as diapers or you know someone that’s wealthy or not but willing to be of assistance, please have conversation with them. You can help these children. My thoughts are that if you or a couple of your friends can make a consistent supply of diapers to these homes – motherless or orphanage, you’ll be contributing immensely to the lives of these children. Please don’t wait until it’s Christmas or a holiday to visit them. You can do it at any time. Let them feel and know what love is and about.

From pockets of nothingness

So while I started typing this, Coldplay’s Fix You kept playing in my head. Maybe you should play it while reading this. Enjoy!


Do you know that feeling you have when you find learning in pockets of nothingness?

Do you know that feeling you have when you allow yourself to learn just by being open minded; when you allow yourself to feel your surrounding?

Do you know the feeling of learning from interacting with people when you didn’t see slews of  education coming your way?

That’s when you love education.

That’s when it’s beautiful: finding learning from pockets of nothingness.

I think I have mentioned in a previous post that I hated Lagos. Well presently, it has reduced to dislike or maybe it is in the grey. I’m in that grey that is neither hate nor love.

I’ve come to realize that Lagos isn’t so bad. Lagos pushes you to try harder, to work harder. So let’s call it making a better person. No matter how much I complain, I know that today is a better me and tomorrow by His grace, a better Lily has risen by a notch.

I got chatting with S about Lagos. I wanted to know about her experiences. She says that she prefers Lagos to Abuja where she grew up. I don’t know if her preference is influenced as result of meeting her fiance here or if it’s because she saw what I’m seeing after a few days in going to Law school in Lagos. I already feel that Lagos has more opportunities than Abuja. S added that in work places in Lagos you tend to work with your age grade but in Abuja you don’t. Of course, working with your age grade brings about common grounds, friendship among your colleagues as well as working efficiency.

I’ve also learnt to be open minded too.

I was chatting with a friend yesterday who’s also being registered in Lagos law school but hasn’t gotten accommodation. She was asking me about my roommates and I told her that they seem alright although they happen to be of the yoruba tribe excluding me. She told me that a mutual friend of ours isn’t happy that her roommate, in particular the one whom she shares wardrobe with doesn’t wear earrings. Hence, she summed her (the roommate) as a religious fanatic and someone she wouldn’t get along with.

My reply to my friend was that I can’t under a day of meeting (I didn’t saying living with my roommates and neither has our mutual friend) my roommates condemn them because yoruba people are said to be gossips, troublemakers and loud. If I condemn them, then you have a right to call me a a neurotic tight ass. And I don’t even see what a christian fanatic has to do with sharing a wardrobe. If at all said roommate is one.

Finally, I’ve learnt to take one day at a time, to be open minded and suck in the ambience that surrounds me because finding learning in pockets of nothingness is a beautiful thing.

Beautiful Impressions

I believe that people are meant to be met

Conversations are meant to be had

Experiences are meant to be shared

So that we all learn

And pick up something.


In the last few days, I’ve learnt something about me,

I love to learn and read many different things

Just to be in the know.

Wisdom and knowledge are never enough, you know.


I’ll say that I am a thinker

And  I love to listen to people

And help them

Or pick up their experiences

And help others.

So Random

This isn’t a story, this happened to me today. Enjoy!

I have a test coming up on Tuesday and I have been finding it difficult to study. I chose to leave my room and roommates and go to class. Of course, I thought I left the distraction in the hostel but it seemed like I didn’t.

I sat near the window to study in class. I needed the air and a little distraction in order to read. I had just gone past a page when a guy walked past my window severally. He didn’t look familiar so I went back to my book. He finally gathered some courage and stopped infront of my window.

He told me that he didn’t know me but he knew I had been reading in the same class for many years. He had only just graduated and came to collect his National Youth Service call-up letter which would or rather should be distributed on Tuesday. He said that he wanted to thank me. For what? I couldn’t imagine what impact I may have made on a stranger but I thought to exercise patience and listen.

He told me that I was his motivation in his days of studying in school. He said he always saw me studying and spending many hours in class. There were times that he wanted to leave the class but he felt that he wasn’t entitled to leave before me since I came before him. He noticed many things about me like the fact that I’m too focused when I’m studying, the particular seats I sat in class, the fact that I always studied alone, what my rechargeable lamp looked like. He noticed many things though.

Anyway, he said that he graduated with a second class upper and got a good CGPA and working at a successful company in Abuja. His family was proud of him but he had always wanted to find me and thank me for “coming to class”, being his “motivator”, and his “beacon”( those were his words).

Why am I sharing this?

Just before I came to class, I was telling my roommate that I wanted to study indoors this semester. I told her that I was going to find a way to stop going out to read even if it meant waking up at nights to study. Apparently, I was tired of spending a minimum of one hour making pleasantries to friends and acquaintances before studying.

If anybody told me that I could motivate or be a catalyst to someone’s success I would have told that person that s/he was a big joker. I generally have a big problem with being conspicuous; I’ll rather be left by myself. So I found it difficult to believe that by being inconspicuous I could affect a person.

I may have influenced many other people; I may have influenced just him but I was/am happy that I influenced someone by being me.