Bits of a Road Trip.

Men fight but make up quickly.

I had a good journey – from Abuja to Okene. Although the music was too loud and everyone was quiet or sleeping (I think) because I slept most of the way too. After we stopped for a bit at Okene and continued, one of the passengers had a fight with the driver. The passenger complained about the rudeness of the driver and that the driver’s disrespect for his age. They threw words at each other like “stop the car let’s fight” and “shey you said you would leave the car and charter another, what’s stopping you?’ and other variations.

The other passengers tried to soothe the passenger and from there it led to politics, God, Nigerians living in other countries, and everyone sharing their perspectives. Everyone wanted the other to hear what they had to say. the driver wasn’t interested and increased the volume of the CD playing.

I happened to be the only female among six other passengers including the driver. I had a conversation with the guy who sat next to me – young, early thirties. He’s been married for a year or so. He has a child. He was surprised that I could say my rosary in the car. He said that it made him ashamed. He talked about his wife and kid a little and how he met her. He told me about how he once had God in the center but that has changed. He could not explain what changed. He told me that it was the best part of his life but he doesn’t know how come he can’t go back there. After sharing a bit of this and that, he said that my parents did well in the way I was brought up.

I talked really little and liked to listen.

Erm, do I look that young??? He guessed that I was either in school or serving. Of course I couldn’t be married, I had no ring on it. They just looked at me as a young girl. Child. Something sha. Lol.

When the man started getting comfortable, I started looking for the next exit to end the conversation and go back to reading Americanah. As soon as he got a call I went back to my book and he didn’t bother me again. I saw parts of me in some parts of the book – the way I must have acted consciously or unconsciously both past and present. It was like someone had described some parts of you in a certain way before but argued that it was a a false description, then you’re given this novel to read and see for yourself.

We had a flat tyre somewhere.

I noticed that the married men, at least the young ones liked to say ‘my wife’. I liked that it wasn’t said like they had just made a new acquisition, rather it was said with happiness and  warmth – someone they love and look forward to seeing or talking. Lool! Don’t ask me how I know. I just feel these things. I hope you get.

Then there was the former-mad passenger who told us that he doesn’t go to any church in Nigeria. He agreed that God is everywhere but not in any Nigerian church and mosque – his words. The other passengers wanted him to share his ideology. (Dear readers, I’ll like to hear your thoughts about this). He was asked and he told them that he stays at home on Sundays but he has told his wife and children can go to any church if they want to (I was appalled). I just stopped listening to anything he had to say and focused on my book.

At this time, Former-mad passenger and driver were talking and laughing. The music was increased to an obscene volume but no one complained. It gave me a headache but everyone seemed not bothered. They were either fiddling with their phones or having conversations in monotones. So I read Americanah all the way.

The end. 🙂


Be a Light.

Hello lovelies!!!

It”s been soooooo long. I feel like I haven’t even blogged properly since law school. Law school has been all shades of stress and then some. There’s been splashes of fun and those days when I want to shoot the creator of school. I’m still on the hunt for him.

I have nothing to write here and maybe do here but I think you need to know this:

Be a light

When last did you genuinely ask someone the question How are you? I mean like look into the person’s eyes and ask, and not just needing to hear the conventional I’m fine, I’m good, I’m very well. 

Everyone’s on the run these days. Each person not knowing the thoughts of the other. There are so many problems out there: external problems and the internal ones. Depression, suicide, bipolar personality problem, financial problems, family problems, etc. Some people look like they have a gazillion friends but the truth is that they are an island.

All I’m saying is Be a Light. Smile at someone. Anyone. Compliment her. Tell your nephew how amazing he is. Sacrifice a few minutes of that thing that keeps you so busy and call someone and appreciate them. Get off bbm and twitter and go and meet the person; have a life conversation. Conversations are the bestest especially when you have them without reservation. Ask the blind woman in your church how she’s doing. The list goes on.


We really don’t know how much time we have here. On earth. I want to know that I tried. I want to know that I contributed to someone’s happiness however long or short it is or was.

Be a light.

Beautiful Impressions

I believe that people are meant to be met

Conversations are meant to be had

Experiences are meant to be shared

So that we all learn

And pick up something.


In the last few days, I’ve learnt something about me,

I love to learn and read many different things

Just to be in the know.

Wisdom and knowledge are never enough, you know.


I’ll say that I am a thinker

And  I love to listen to people

And help them

Or pick up their experiences

And help others.

The Unavoidable Hiatus

hey guys! I know that I haven’t posted in a brizzle. You can blame my unenthusiastic self that wouldn’t finish up her final year project and then tests coming up; engagements here and there. Besides, my life has being boring. I can barely steal a few hours, okay maybe a full day to read a good book ( novel) or watch a film. Thank God that I have roughly two months left then i can play 😀

The highlights during my hiatus were the following:

I got myself a niece. Okay, I couldn’t have gotten myself a niece but I’m now an aunt. She’s my first niece  so you can’t blame me! She turned 3 weeks old on Friday. I should post her picture here and then she’s got so many names. My dad calls them jaw breaking names. You’ll see why I agree with him too.

the jaw breaking names

A few weeks back, I read this leaflet of a book. Pardon me, but I call books between 1- 250 pages leaflets; reason being that they are too short and have little or no suspense from the beginning that would/should keep you turning one page after another. This one was a little different even if it was a leaflet. It’s titled Kemi’s journal by Abidemi Sanusi. It is about a 28 year old woman(Kemi) who just found God and has to reconcile with Him, pleasing her mixed race family and trying to get over her non-believing ex-boyfriend. The book is a journal where Kemi writes down her fears, weaknesses and strengths about her family, boyfriend and her environment. It talks about her trying to find a balance between temptations of her boyfriend and difficulties she encounters in being a christian. There was the issue of abortion, where Kemi wanted to abort her unborn child because she wasn’t ready to have a baby…

This is was the part of the book that got me:

“Some people spend thousands and thousands of pounds on IVF (insert Guiliana and Bill here) and other treatments just to have children. They put their lives at risk sometimes because they want to have babies so badly and even then the treatments often fail. Other people are fortunate enough to conceive easily, only to make the children wish they’d never been born. Some people don’t even give their child a chance to live because the child doesn’t fit into their current life or plan. Then there are others who give birth and vanish, abandoning their children. The children grow up wondering, ‘who am ?’ and ‘why am I here?’…”

There are many couples or children that fall within one of the categories mentioned in the above quote. I figured that the problem is never getting married early as many people think but taking time to know each other after marriage and setting up a family plan that would work for you (couples). In Kemi’s case, she got pregnant when she didn’t want to and couldn’t figure how to work out the baby/pregnancy around her current life.

Here’s a funny one. My school has decided to set a dress code and the picture below is what they think is best for students.

jokes for centuries

I have about a month to exams (finals), so there’s so much to be done. I think now you can excuse my absence from not being here (bats eyelashes). I barely leave school these days because the security in this town is wasted. A few days ago, a girl(student) went to market to shop and a stray bullet killed her. May God grant her merciful judgement and eternal rest. Amen.

Let me be sincere, I don’t know what to make of this post but I thought to write. You may or may not see the point of this post but it’s one of those scribblings that I must make.

I’ll end with this post with a quote I stumbled upon:

“Whatever you give to life, it gives you back. Do not hate anybody. The hatred which comes out from you will someday come back to you. Love others and love will come back to you.”

lily 🙂