Alfred’s Creed.


Hi guys, I know it’s been more than a while. In fact, I accepted that I was done here. But then… I’ll discuss this in a different post. I should spin a story around today’s post but I’ll rather just get down to what’s on my mind. Here goes…

I had this conversation with Alfred**. He asked me to advice him on the sexual harassment he is receiving from three ladies in his office. He works in a medium sized mall. He is the legal officer/HR manager. They come into his office separately. They touch him, kiss him, among other things. I advised him to leave his door open and move his table and chair so that its facing the door. Alfred didn’think that it was necesaary. He said that it will be out of place to start leaving the door of his office open. I told him that I couldn’t think of any other answer. So I told him that he should ask his friends. He replied “men don’t discuss these things”. They always find away a way to deal with this. He said that any man looking at this as a problem to the extent of discussing it with his friends will be laughed at. I was perplexed. But it got me thinking. Ladies don’t like to talk about the sexual pressure they get from their partners in relationships and men don’t like to talk about the sexual pressure or harassment going on in their workplace. Is this a fact or crap?

Same guy told me that it’s dumb to run away from temptation but smart to run into it, especially when his long time girlfriend won’t find out. Are these the kind ofn men that exist these days? Because apparently, I asked a couple of guys their thoughts on it and they said ladies and men don’t see anything in this. 

They won’t condone with it in their relationships but people are cheating without their partners knowing.

So people what are your thoughts?


**Alfred is incognito.

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